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La Canfora: Browns & Titans Called Out for Stadium Safety at League Meetings

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over at CBS Sports, Jason La Canfora published an article today that contained some "late notes coming out of the most recent league meeting that has people still chattering." One of the notes that seemed to come out of left field involved stadium safety, which saw the Cleveland Browns among the teams that were called out by someone in attendance.

Some teams were also surprised that the Browns and Titans were called out in front of the other teams for being at the bottom of the league in terms of some stadium safety issues in a manner rarely seen during a briefing from the league's security arm.

Those are the only details available at this time. I tried searching through various articles from the past month to see if any other reports had addressed the topic, but nothing came up. I wonder if the stadium safety issue refers to structural things around the stadium, fan safety (i.e. preventing violence), or both.