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Report Says Josh Gordon is Living With Johnny Manziel in California

Jason Miller/Getty Images

On Sunday, TMZ posted a video of them interviewing free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel as he was about to enter a club. As I watched the video, I felt zero sense of nostalgia for the former Browns quarterback. I actually felt pretty sick to my stomach watching the interview unfold, given all of the news that has come out about him the past several months.

During the video, Manziel claimed to be living with Broncos OLB Von Miller. One reporter from Denver already shot that rumor down, though, and now ESPN is saying that Manziel is actually living with suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon.

Sources tell ESPN that the quarterback is actually not living with Miller. Instead, the sources say, Manziel is living with Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon in an apartment off of Sunset Boulevard. Gordon, who was suspended for the entire 2015 season after violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy, applied for reinstatement to the league on Jan. 20 and is awaiting word from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Meanwhile, no news continues to surface about Gordon's case. Some have speculated that no news is bad news, but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet. If I was reviewing the case, though, and I saw that Gordon was going the extra mile to associate himself with Manziel at this point in their careers, I probably wouldn't be jumping to the finish line to re-instate him.