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Report: Browns WR Josh Gordon Fails Another Drug Test

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon has done it again.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports broke the news Monday evening that the Cleveland Browns wide receiver failed another drug test last month. Gordon's history of failed test has been filled with technicalities, and this latest one is no different:

Gordon's sample, which was collected in early March, tested positive for marijuana and dilute, according to a source informed of the results of the test. The source added that both the "A" and "B" samples collected were positive for marijuana and dilute. Though the level of marijuana was below the 35 nanograms per milliliter required for a positive test, the diluted sample is considered a positive test.

The failed test is believed to be the reason why the NFL has not re-instated Gordon yet. Garafolo adds that the "latest development doesn't necessarily mean Josh Gordon will remain suspended," but this obviously isn't good.

Even if you don't feel Gordon's actions warrant a suspension, it's another sign that the Browns can't count on him. Imagine investing an offseason worth of preparation on him being the top receiver -- how can you believe he's not going to slip up again when he's done it time after time?