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Report: Josh Gordon Not Actually Living with Johnny Manziel

Well, this is confusing.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Cleveland Browns offseason has had it all: A regime change, the arrival of Moneyball, the fall of a once-popular quarterback, and a failed drug test.

Now, we have real estate drama.

Contrary to an ESPN report released late Sunday, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that suspended Browns wideout Josh Gordon is NOT living with Johnny Manziel.

For those keeping score at home, TMZ first reported Manziel was living with Broncos linebacker Von Miller, via a video recorded on Saturday night. Miller refuted the report on Sunday on Twitter. In a story about Miller's tweet, ESPN buried the lead in the story: Manziel was actually living with Gordon on Sunset Boulevard. PFT then responded Tuesday night with Florio's story.

Perhaps Manziel and Gordon should start a reality TV show.

Whatever the living situation of Gordon and Manziel, neither appears poised for NFL action any time soon. The NFL denied Gordon's application for reinstatement on Tuesday, keeping him out of the league for the considerable future after he failed a drug test for marijuana. Gordon can re-apply on August 1, though his reinstatement is predicated on him staying clean, a tall task judging by his past behavior.

Meanwhile, Manziel remains a free agent. The Browns cut the troubled quarterback in March, and no NFL teams have shown much interest in the Texas native.

Updates will be forthcoming as the details emerge. However, neither Gordon nor Manziel will likely play in a Browns uniform anytime soon.