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How Should We Continue the DBN Mock Draft?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We are about 10 picks in to the DBN Community Mock Draft, but unfortunately, this morning's blockbuster trade between the Titans and the Rams throws a major wrench in things. Looking at how the first 10 picks have unfolded already in our draft, there would certainly be an effect on at least half of the picks.

This is an open discussion for the comments section on how you think we should continue. With respect to time, we probably would not have time to re-do the entire draft by email, but perhaps we could set up some form of expedited system where people make their selections in the comments section on a more rapid, committed pace.

Or, should we continue on with the draft? Do you have other suggestions? Let us know, and if you like a suggestion, please recommend the comment. I'm all ears right now.