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DBN Mock Re-Draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Because of the Titans-Rams trade yesterday, we are going to try to quickly re-mock the first ten picks of the NFL Draft. Behind-the-scenes, the No. 11 and No. 12 picks were already submitted to me. I will make a determination as to whether those picks might have changed or not and contact the appropriate parties as necessary.

We need to expedite the process as soon as possible, so here is what we need. In the comments section below, we need the following people to make their selection along with a 3-5 sentence write-up (or if you are sticking with your original pick, no write-up is necessary). Ideally, it'd be great to finish all of these by the end of today.

1 Los Angeles Rams michael.hamper
2 Cleveland Browns Robo Dawg
3 San Diego Chargers Crawford_T
4 Dallas Cowboys Manly and Loving It
5 Jacksonville Jaguars Bob Stalnaker
6 Baltimore Ravens pt_999
7 San Francisco 49ers apocrylle
8 Philadelphia Eagles Bizono
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ezweav
10 New York Giants mrwhitman

One other rule: if all picks within a range are the same, then the original picks will stand. For example, if the Rams take Goff and then Cleveland takes Tunsil, we stop right there since everything else should be the same.

To all other members not listed above: please do not leave any comments in this thread. When all 10 picks are complete, I will do a post summarizing the changes in the Top 10, and then we'll proceed via the email draft, but with a shorter time limit to make picks.