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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Re-Mocking the 1-10 Picks for DBN

Let's try this one more time.
Let's try this one more time.
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I feel like we've been down this path before.

In 2012, the Cleveland Browns and their fans were getting excited about the thought of drafting Robert Griffin III. A couple of weeks before the draft, the Rams, who were at No. 2 overall, moved out of that position and accepted a higher bid from the Washington Redskins. Back in 2012, we had published the first 10 picks of our DBN Community Mock Draft, and decided to re-pick them in light of the trade before continuing on.

Flashforward to 2016, four years later, and the Browns have Griffin as their starting quarterback right now. Facing a likely decision to draft a quarterback of their choosing at No. 2 overall, though, the Rams have once again played a role in [potentially] thwarting Cleveland's plans by moving up to No. 1 overall, where they will select either QB Jared Goff or QB Carson Wentz. And, just like in 2012, we were 10 picks in to our DBN Community Mock Draft for 2016.

We conducted a re-mock again. Here is the 2012 one if you are curious. Otherwise, enjoy the condensed re-mock of the 1-10 picks below, before we then attempt to resume the mock draft as normal, but at an expedited pace.

No. 1 Overall: St. Louis Rams - QB Jared Goff

The Titans would've taken OT Laremy Tunsil here. Now that the Rams moved up, they are going the obvious direction of quarterback. The selection was made by michael.hamper:

The Rams have returned to their second home and are looking to start fresh. I leveraged the future of my franchise, and myself, in trading up for the #1 overall pick. I traded away my two 2nd rounders this year, my third rounder this year, and a 1st and 3rd next year and I got this pick, a 4th and a 6th. That means I’m left with 4th-7th this year and can’t draft next year until the 2nd round. I really have to get this pick right. And I knew what my pick was when I made the trade. At 15 I was going to grab a WR, but a franchise QB is just too important to pass up.

With #1 overall, I’m selecting Jared Goff. Now, there’s obviously a good case for Wentz, but you have to understand, I need to make sure that this pick does not fail for the franchise’s sake and my own. I need a starting QB on day 1, and Wentz has a higher possibility of busting than Goff. The merits of these two quarterbacks have been widely discussed and dissected by everyone here and in the media, but at the end of the day, I want the guy with a higher floor, who has solid mechanics, can avoid pressure (and he’s going to need to do that with our offensive line), and can make all those short to intermediate throws that are going to be a staple in our run and play-action heavy offense.

No. 2 Overall: Cleveland Browns - OLB Myles Jack

Before the trade, the Browns would've ended up with QB Jared Goff. Forced to make a change, Robo Dawg passed on Wentz and went with a defensive prospect:

If Goff isn't available, I don't like Wentz enough to take at #2.  In my opinion, he is too much of a developmental prospect - I'd rather address the QB later in the draft and take someone like Connor Cook.  So why Jack?  The guy is a freak athlete, and I think we are in need of a LB upgrade more so than FS or T.  On a bad knee, Jack still had a 40 inch vertical.  Many would argue that #2 is too high to take an ILB, however so many good teams are anchored by a stud in the middle.  Look at Burfict's impact on the Bengals, Lewis on the Ravens, Kuechly on the Panthers.  Without the opportunity to trade down, I think Jack would be the most valuable addition at #2.

No. 3 Overall: San Diego Chargers - DB Jalen Ramsey

The Chargers decided to stick with DB Jalen Ramsey; their other option would've been to take Tunsil, who previously was not available. Here is Crawford_T's reasoning for staying with the pick:

I'm staying with my original pick. San Diego doesn't have a ton of talent at Tackle, but they do have serviceable players there, like King Dunlap and Joe Barksdale; Orlando Franklin can play tackle too if he needs too. Chargers certainly need help at OL, but the need is more pressing in the interior. I think an impact defender, and maybe the best overall player in the draft, is still the right pick here.

No. 4 Overall: Dallas Cowboys - RB Ezekiel Elliot

The Cowboys were previously taking Jack, but he's now going to the Browns at No. 2 overall. That opened up the potential players for Manly and Loving It -- he would've been permitted to select anybody. He opted to go with Elliot, who previously was not taken in the Top 10 but behind-the-scenes was about to be taken by the Bears at No. 11. Manly had previously joked a bit about Jerry Jones taking RB Derrick Henry at No. 4 overall, but when faced with the opportunity of not having his defensive pick available, he went with the top running back in the draft after all.

No. 5 Overall: Jacksonville Jaguars - DE DeForest Buckner

The Jaguars decided to stick with DE DeForest Buckner; their only other option would've been Tunsil. However, Bob Stalnaker previously stated that Jack was the player he wanted most for the Jaguars, and he clearly favored sticking to the defensive side of things for Jacksonville.

No. 6 Overall: Baltimore Ravens - OT Laremy Tunsil

The Ravens previously drafted CB Vernon Hargreaves III here. In his original write-up, pt_999 said that Buckner was the top player on his board. With Tunsil falling from No. 1 to No. 6 and the Ravens needing some help in pretty much all areas, though, this was too tough for Baltimore to pass up.

No. 7 Overall: San Francisco 49ers - QB Carson Wentz

After QB Carson Wentz originally fell to apocrylle at No. 7 overall, he didn't think he was going to get a crack at him in the re-mock. His reaction upon seeing the Browns take Jack was, "I'm looking forward to reading the rationale for that one -- it was great for my mock for the 49ers, though." In reality, the 49ers might get Wentz, but they might actually be moving up to No. 2 to take him. Wouldn't it be something if the Browns and 49ers both end up with Jack and Wentz, respectively, but after they've flipped picks?

No. 8 Overall: Philadelphia Eagles - DE Joey Bosa

The Eagles decided to stick with DE Joey Bosa; their only other option would've been to take CB Vernon Hargreaves III. Bizono previously said that Bosa was the best player available in the original mock at this point, so a cornerback wasn't going to change that.

No. 9 Overall: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Vernon Hargreaves III

The Buccaneers previously drafted DE Shaq Lawson. Given the opportunity to upgrade to CB Vernon Hargreaves III, though, Ezweav jumped at the opportunity and explained why:

While pass-rusher would also be a great choice here, the secondary really needs help. Johnathon Banks can be a decent starter and Brent Grimes has had a solid career, but both of those guys are shaky and the cupboard is totally bare after that. Ramsey would have also been a great selection here but Hargraeves is a terrific consolation prize. He’ll instantaneously improve the Bucs’ secondary, which needs all the help it can get playing NO & ATL twice a year. It's a tough call between he and Lawson, but Hargraeves is a more talented player and more than being a Gator, is actually from the great city of Tampa.

No. 10 Overall: New York Giants - OT Ronnie Stanley

The Giants (led by mrwhitman) decided to stick with their original plan to add some offensive line protection in OT Ronnie Stanley. Their other option would've been to take Lawson, but the team added another defensive talent up front this offseason.


Let us know what you think of the revised Top 10 below. I'm sure the Browns' selection will be hotly-debated. Up next, we'll pick things back up with Barnestorm, who is in charge of the Chicago Bears.