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Patching Up the DBN Mock Draft, Again

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

We may have only published up to the 16th overall pick in the 2016 DBN Community Mock Draft, but behind the scenes, we've already completed the first 22 picks. After re-starting the mock draft once already and the actual draft being a week away, yesterday's big trade between the Browns and the Eagles threw the state of the draft into chaos once again.

With that said, I am going to "patch" the mock draft myself so that we can continue the draft pretty much "as is," while still keeping the framework of what people wanted relatively in tact. Apologies to the individuals who picked for the Eagles, Cowboys, 49ers, and Browns. Here is how we are going to patch things:

No. 2 - Philadelphia Eagles: They were originally going to take DE Joey Bosa at No. 8 overall. Philadelphia only makes the trade they did to take a quarterback, so they are getting QB Carson Wentz in our mock now. That vacates the 49ers' original pick at No. 7 overall.

No. 4 - Dallas Cowboys: This is the one team I really had to make a sacrifice for. In the first mock draft, before the Rams-Titans trade happened, they were taking OLB Myles Jack. After the Rams-Titans trade, the Browns took Jack at No. 2 overall, forcing them to take RB Ezekiel Elliot at No. 4 instead. The one person I consulted with on this was the Browns' mock drafter, Robo Dawg, and he was not feeling a running back for the Browns with such a high pick and would've preferred to keep Mack. Therefore, we are having the Cowboys keep Elliot.

We are also having the Jaguars and Ravens stick with their picks. Again, sorry, but this is the most seamless way we can continue the mock draft.

No. 7 - San Francisco 49ers: With QB Carson Wentz now gone, I believe that apocrylle previously said that DE Joey Bosa would've been his next choice. He was originally mocked to the Eagles. So, the only net change in terms of players is a swap of players picked between the 49ers and Eagles.

No. 8 - Cleveland Browns: The Browns still take OLB Myles Jack. Robo Dawg did flirt with the idea of taking QB Paxton Lynch, but that would've left either Elliot or Jack available. Also, (spoiler alert), someone behind-the-scenes has already taken Lynch, so we basically would've had to re-mock everything. Sticking with Jack preserves the process.

We will continue the mock draft a little later today.