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Could the Browns Be Looking to Move Up from No. 32 Overall?

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With the Cleveland Browns now sitting at No. 8 in the first round of Thursday's draft, there have been rumors that the team could be looking to trade down into the middle of the first round. Could whatever ammunition they pick up in such a trade be used to bump their No. 32 selection up a few spots so the club has two "true" first-rounders?

According to Walter Football this afternoon, "the Browns and Broncos have been speaking to teams to feel out potential deals to trade up from their picks at 31 (Denver) and 32 (Cleveland)." The article goes on to say that either one or both teams have had discussions with the Green Bay Packers, who are sitting at No. 27 overall.

Why would either team need to move up four or five spots? The implication is that they would be looking to take the third-best quarterback in the draft, Paxton Lynch. If both teams are interested in Lynch, not only would they be competing with each other, but possibly the Kansas City Chiefs, who hold the No. 28 pick.

If I were the Browns, I'd feel pretty sour if the team traded up to take a quarterback. If a nice prospect (other than quarterback) slipped down the draft board enough, then sure, I'd buy in to what Sashi Brown and company want to do. If there isn't that stud player sitting out there, though, the right move would seem to be for the Browns to play their cards right at the No. 32 pick and trade out of it.

Since Cleveland owns the first pick on Day 2 of the draft, 31 other teams will have a chance to re-evaluate their draft board and the Browns would be well-positioned to acquire even more assets. At some point, you stack up too many assets, but that is where you can burn off some of your later picks to acquire additional second- or third-round picks, if necessary.