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Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Live Blog (1st Round) - Rumors, Picks, and More

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The 2016 NFL Draft officially begins for the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the teams in the NFL at 8:00 PM ET. This is a continuation of the LIVE BLOG we've been running all day up until this point. Now that we are less than an hour away from things kicking off, it is fitting to start fresh with our live blog. You should also use the comments section as your NFL Draft open thread! (Newest updates will be at the top of the live blog below)

NOTE: Do not spoil picks before they are announced by Roger Goodell. If you do, you risk a temporary banning.

Browns NFL Draft Live Blog

[NOTE: There is a new live blog / open thread available here for the first round]

9:23 PM: Another Buckeye! The New York Giants just took CB Eli Apple at No. 10 overall. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are up next.

9:17 PM: By the way, the Titans took OT Jack Conklin at No. 8 overall. Reports are the Ravens took OT Laremy Tunsil completely off their board after the video earlier. The Chicago Bears just selected OLB Leonard Floyd at No. 9 overall after swapping with the Buccaneers. The New York Giants are now on the clock.

9:12 PM: In case you missed it, the Browns traded out of No. 8 to the Titans. The Browns will be back on the clock at No. 15 overall. This post contains the trade parameters, or we highlight them below:

Browns Gave The Following to Titans:

  • 1st Round: No. 8 overall
  • 6th Round: No. 176 overall

Browns Received from Titans

  • 3rd Round: No. 76 overall
  • 2nd Round Pick in 2017

9:00 PM: The San Francisco 49ers drafted DE DeForest Buckner with the No. 7 overall pick. The Cleveland Browns are now on the clock! Our top players are:

2. OT Laremy Tunsil
5. LB Myles Jack
10. WR Laquon Treadwell
11. CB Vernon Hargreaves III
12. WR Josh Doctson
13. DE Shaq Lawson

8:54 PM: The Baltimore Ravens have selected OT Ronnie Stanley with the No. 6 overall pick. The San Francisco 49ers are on the clock, followed by the Browns.

8:48 PM: The Tunsil story aside, here is our updated big board of players available with the Ravens on the clock:

2. OT Laremy Tunsil
5. LB Myles Jack
6. DE DeForest Buckner
9. OT Ronnie Stanley
10. WR Laquon Treadwell
11. CB Vernon Hargreaves III
12. WR Josh Doctson
13. DE Shaq Lawson

8:46 PM: The Jacksonville Jaguars have taken DB Jalen Ramsey with the No. 5 overall pick. The Baltimore Ravens are now on the clock.

8:39 PM: The Dallas Cowboys drafted RB Ezekiel Elliott with the No. 4 overall pick of the draft. Two straight Buckeyes are off the board as the Jacksonville Jaguars are now on the clock. DB Jalen Ramsey is still hanging out there, surprisingly.

8:30 PM: Wow! The San Diego Chargers just selected DE Joey Bosa at No. 3 overall instead of DB Jalen Ramsey like I thought! The Dallas Cowboys are now on the clock.

8:29 PM: I think we can scrub OT Laremy Tunsil from my mock draft (although in reality, I wouldn't have minded a trade down and maybe we still get that for OT Jack Conklin).

8:23 PM: The Philadelphia Eagles took QB Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick. The San Diego Chargers are on the clock, so now the real fun begins.

8:17 PM: As expected, with the No. 1 overall pick of the draft, the Los Angeles Rams selected QB Jared Goff. The Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock.

8:05 PM: Here we go, we're about to get things started!

7:57 PM: Wow. Minutes before the draft, OT Laremy Tunsil's Twitter account was presumably hacked, and someone posted a video of him doing this:

7:46 PM: I feel like Ian Rapoport is just regurgitating rumors all day, but he is again echoing that the Browns could both trade back and then trade up for two first round picks:

7:35 PM: Like last year, it appears that the draft will officially start at 8:05 PM ET:

7:28 PM: We're about a half hour away from the start of the draft, and ESPN's Adam Schefter is still hearing buzz that the Browns and Cowboys want to get another first-round pick before the end of the night.

7:15 PM: On WEWS, Sashi Brown said, "the wind is blowing -- there are some teams that are interested," when asked if there were any teams that have blown his socks off to move down from the No. 8 overall pick.

7:07 PM: If you don't follow us on Facebook, go ahead and do so now. After the Browns make their selection tonight, Joe Ginley will be doing a live stream reacting to the pick.

7:04 PM: NFL Network cameras will be able to take some shots inside the Browns' war room tonight.

7:00 PM: You can quickly catch up on all of today's live blog from before 7:00 PM right here. The Cleveland Browns have the No. 8 overall pick as things stand right now. Teams have ten minutes to make their first-round selections.

If the Browns stay put, the latest they would begin to be on the clock would be from 9:10 PM - 9:20 PM. However, if teams pick quicker, and someone probably will, it could end up being a little earlier that we're on the clock. To be safe, I'd definitely make sure you're tuned in by 8:55 PM. Don't chance it -- make sure you're watching TV, listening to a radio, or following DBN for all of the latest! And, I'll share the photo below one more time because I love it.