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Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Live Blog (1st Round, Part II)

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Our Live Blog for the 2016 NFL Draft, catered to the Cleveland Browns, continues below. You should also use the comments section as your NFL Draft open thread! (Newest updates will be at the top of the live blog below)

You can view our live blog from picks 1-10 of the draft here.

NOTE: Do not spoil picks before they are announced by Roger Goodell. If you do, you risk a temporary banning.

Browns NFL Draft Live Blog

[NOTE: There is a new live blog / open thread available here for Friday]

11:50 PM: Thanks for tuning in to the live blog all day today! We'll be back tomorrow for Day 2. Because the Browns pick first, if they trade out, they might do so before the start of the second round. While we wait, here are the top 25 players left on our cumulative DBN Big Board for the Browns:

5. LB Myles Jack
18. DE Noah Spence
19. CB Mackensie Alexander
21. WR Michael Thomas
23. ILB Reggie Ragland
24. DT Jarran Reed
26. DT Andrew Billings
27. DT A'Shawn Robinson
30. DE Emmanuel Ogbah
33. DE Kevin Dodd
34. OLB Jaylon Smith
35. S Vonn Bell
36. TE Hunter Henry
37. OG Cody Whitehair
38. DT Chris Jones
39. OT Jason Spriggs
41. WR Sterling Shepherd
42. WR Tyler Boyd
43. RB Derrick Henry
44. DE Shilique Calhoun
46. WR Leonte Carroo
48. WR Braxton Miller
49. DE Kamalei Correa
51. WR Rashard Higgins
53. QB Connor Cook

11:44 PM: My computer was locking up, so with the Seahawks on the clock at No. 31, I thought to myself, "I'll just reboot my computer quickly, nothing Browns-related will happen." No kidding, I had the NFL Network stream up on my computer, and as I'd already hit reset, Rich Eisen said, "The Browns have just traded up..." and then he got cut off as my computer rebooted.

I furiously grabbed my tablet and opened Twitter. Where is it? WHERE IS IT? It turns out that Eisen made a mistake and quickly corrected myself, but I was left in panic for a few minutes thinking I was going to be late writing a post on whatever happened. The Seahawks selected OL Germain Ifedi to end the first round.

11:35 PM: The Carolina Panthers drafted DT Vernon Butler with the No. 30 overall pick. The Seahawks are now on the clock for the final pick of the first round.

11:27 PM: The Arizona Cardinals selected DT Robert Nkemdiche with the No. 29 overall pick. Two picks are left tonight -- the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks. Neither will take QB Connor Cook, that's for sure, which means we'll have to stress a bit and hope Cleveland doesn't take him tomorrow (for the majority who would rather not take him).

11:20 PM: (crickets) The 49ers traded up to take OG Joshua Garnett? That's certainly not a knock toward Garnett, but it just seems like a very low-key selection compared to what I expected.

11:15 PM: Whoa...cue the breaking news! The San Francisco 49ers, set to pick on Day 2 for their next pick, have moved up to No. 28! Could they be taking QB Connor Cook here?

11:14 PM: The Green Bay Packers selected DT Kenny Clark at No. 27 overall. The Kansas City Chiefs are now on the clock, as there are just four picks left today. The Top 10 players available on the Browns' cumulative DBN draft board include:

5. LB Myles Jack
18. DE Noah Spence
19. CB Mackensie Alexander
21. WR Michael Thomas
23. ILB Reggie Ragland
24. DT Jarran Reed
26. DT Andrew Billings
27. DT A'Shawn Robinson
30. DE Emmanuel Ogbah
31. DT Robert Nkemdiche

11:08 PM: I forgot to post this earlier:

11:06 PM: The Denver Broncos selected QB Paxton Lynch with the No. 26 overall pick, after having traded up. Browns fans no longer have to worry about the team getting Lynch; the only other quarterback fans could somewhat fear now (if they don't care for him) is Connor Cook. The Green Bay Packers are up now.

10:57 PM: The Pittsburgh Steelers have selected CB Artie Burns with the No. 25 overall pick. The Seattle Seahawks were to be on the clock, but the Denver Broncos have just traded up. Are they taking QB Paxton Lynch at No. 26 before the Chiefs can get him at No. 28?

10:55 PM: The Cincinnati Bengals took CB William Jackson III with the No. 24 overall pick. The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock. Sashi Brown said the team was unlikely to move up to the end of the first round and that they were already fielding calls about teams moving up to No. 32 on Day 2.

10:52 PM: The Browns must have had a good pulse of when the receivers were going to start flying off the board. The Minnesota Vikings just selected WR Laquon Treadwell with the No. 23 overall pick. The Cincinnati Bengals are about to pick next.

10:48 PM: Wow, big-time props to DBN's Joe Ginley who just went 45 minutes strong reacting to the selection or WR Corey Coleman on our Facebook page! Check it out below:

10:42 PM: The Washington Redskins just took WR Josh Doctson at No. 22 overall. The Minnesota Vikings are up next. So far, three receivers are off the board, and WR Laquon Treadwell isn't one of those receivers.

10:38 PM: Interesting note from Lane Adkins of The OBR, who says the Browns aren't done at wide receiver.

Props to The OBR too, who in their subscriber area this morning, had a bunch of notes, one of which included, "Coleman is a playmaker type the Browns covet."

10:33 PM: The Houston Texans traded up one spot to No. 21 overall to select WR Will Fuller. The Redskins were the team they swapped with, so somebody else must have wanted Fuller. Either that, or Washington just baited them for an extra sixth-rounder.

10:32 PM: Pro Football Focus loves the Browns' pick. He was their top graded receiver, which earned Cleveland an "A" for the pick.

15. Cleveland Browns: Corey Coleman | Grade: A

Our top receiver is off the board as Corey Coleman goes to Cleveland. He’s dynamic both before and after the catch, capable of separating as well as any receiver in the draft and then taking it to the house after he catches it. Coleman posted a ridiculous 4.88 yards per route (best in the nation) before a poor quarterback situation hurt his production. His 10 drops are cause for some concern, but not nearly enough to offset what he brings to the table as both a short and deep threat. Even with his limited experience running a number of routes in Baylor’s offense, Coleman has all of the skills to separate on any type of route once he transitions to the NFL.

10:27 PM: The fifth Buckeye is off the board! The Jets opt not to take a quarterback and instead draft OLB Darron Lee at No. 20 overall. The Redskins are on the clock next.

10:24 PM: With all that excitement about the Browns, let's quickly catch up on the rest of the picks that have been going on since the Lions took Decker at No. 16.

The Atlanta Falcons reached deep by taking S Keanu Neal at No. 17 overall. The Indianapolis Colts then took C Ryan Kelly at No. 18 overall, showing how some teams greatly favor positional needs. The Buffalo Bills then drafted DE Shaq Lawson at No. 19 overall, who lasted longer than people thought, even though I projected him to fall.

10:17 PM: Yesterday, Dan Lalich wrote an article that is extremely relevant now in hindsight considering the selection of WR Corey Coleman. Here is what Dan wrote about Coleman yesterday, favoring him over the other receivers:

The models absolutely love Corey Coleman. He ranked first in PS this year, and his score is actually one of the highest of all time. He was 7th in PI, and second in SS. He compiled the same number of receiving yards as Doctson in his final year while being a year and a half younger and playing in a run first offense. Coleman caught a touchdown 1 out of every 20 times Baylor ran a pass play. That's insane. It also means there are reasons to feel dubious about this projection, since it does rely on such a low volume. I'll just quote Football Outsiders here, as their assessment mirrors my own:

Football Outsiders: "The bottom line is that you could fairly argue that Coleman is the second coming of Jerry Rice, another Stephen Hill, or anything in between. There is simply no way to quantify the amount, if any, that Baylor's offense contributed to Coleman's ridiculous numbers. Although Coleman's Playmaker Projection is higher than Amari Cooper's projection last year, Coleman is certainly a much riskier prospect. That said, mid-first-round picks bust all the time, and a team in need of a wide receiver could do a lot worse than to select a player whose numbers suggest potential greatness."

Size and hands may be an issue, but the Biletnikoff winner certainly provides some playmaking ability. Don't be surprised if he goes earlier than some people are expecting.

10:13 PM: Speaking of WR Josh Gordon, it sounds like he approves:

10:12 PM: Browns Executive VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown weighs in on the team's Day 1 draft strategy. I always find it interesting when a team holds a press conference while the first round is still going on -- does that mean they feel they are done for the day?

10:10 PM: I just thought of this -- if WR Josh Gordon does get re-instated this season, it could be an all-Baylor offense -- Gordon, WR Corey Coleman, and QB Robert Griffin III all attended Baylor.

10:09 PM: From the NFL Network, Mike Silver, who always talks to Hue Jackson, sounds like the Browns have to be pleased with how things unfolded so far:

10:03 PM: The Browns took WR Corey Coleman with the No. 15 overall pick; our write-up on him is here, along with a poll, so go check it out and vote. While we were writing that post, another Buckeye went off the board as the Detroit Lions took OT Taylor Decker at No. 16 overall.

9:51 PM: The Oakland Raiders took S Karl Joseph with the No. 14 overall pick, so the Browns are back on the clock! (Side note: holy crap, my stab in the dark in my mock draft paid off with Joseph to Oakland). Will the Browns stay put this time and select one of the top players on our DBN big board?

9:46 PM: The top players still available on our DBN Cumulative Big Board for the Browns:

5. LB Myles Jack
10. WR Laquon Treadwell
12. WR Josh Doctson
13. DE Shaq Lawson
15. WR Corey Coleman
16. OLB Darron Lee

9:45 PM: The Miami Dolphins selected OT Laremy Tunsil with the No. 13 overall pick! I guess he didn't fall too far. The Oakland Raiders are on the clock, followed by the Browns. Right now, I'm hoping the Browns can get WR Laquon Treadwell at No. 15 overall.

9:39 PM: Here is DBN's Joe Ginley reacting to the Browns' trade earlier on Facebook:

9:37 PM: The New Orleans Saints have selected DT Sheldon Rankins at No. 12 overall. The Miami Dolphins are now on the clock. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network also says that the Tunsil video could be five years old.

9:30 PM: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected CB Vernon Hargreaves III at No. 11 overall. The New Orleans Saints are now on the clock at No. 12, and remember that the Browns will be back on the clock in a few picks.

9:25 PM: Our other thread quickly went over 1,000 comments after the Browns traded the No. 8 overall pick, so let's get this new thread going in anticipation of the No. 15 overall pick.