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Who Gained More Assets From Trading Draft Picks: Cleveland Browns or Tennessee Titans?

The Tennessee Titans started off with the No. 1 pick a few weeks ago but traded it to the Los Angeles Rams for No. 15 overall in order to acquire assets.

The Cleveland Browns started off with the No. 2 pick, and after the Titans moved out, swapped with the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 8 to also acquire assets.

When the Browns were on the clock on Thursday, the Titans traded up to No. 8 while the Browns went back to No. 15, acquiring more assets in the process. With all of those trades factored in, who ultimately ended up acquiring more or better assets? We break it down in the infographic below.

In the end, the trades are pretty comparable. Despite starting at No. 2, though, I'd give the slight edge to Cleveland. In the long-run, they acquired the same number of first-round picks and same number of second-round picks, but also acquired one additional third-round pick and an additional fourth-round pick.

The Titans' future picks (in 2017) will come via the Rams. The Browns' future picks (2017 and 2018) will come via the Eagles and Titans. The value of those picks will end up depending on how well the Rams, Eagles, and Titans do over the next couple of years. The Rams and Eagles selected quarterbacks to lead their franchise, but will either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz receive the opportunity to play right away?

(Note regarding the Browns' conditional loss: it will be a fourth rounder based on Cleveland likely getting a compensatory pick for that round; if they don't, it'd only be a fifth-rounder they give up).

Who do you think ended up with the better haul?