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Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Live Blog (Day 2) - Rumors, Picks, and More

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It is Friday, and later tonight, rounds 2-3 in the 2016 NFL Draft will take place for the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the teams in the NFL. Because there are two rounds, it starts a little earlier today -- 7:00 PM ET. Teams will have 7 minutes to pick in round two, and only 5 minutes to pick in round three (supplemental picks will last 4 minutes).

We will have all of your Browns-related coverage on the draft here at Dawgs By Nature throughout the weekend. There will be individual posts about each draft pick that Cleveland makes, or any other relevant news. This thread will act as a "live blog" of sorts, with short one-liners about the latest small rumors, picks, or trades involving Cleveland or other NFL teams. You should also use the comments section as your NFL Draft open thread! (Newest updates will be at the top of the live blog below)

Browns NFL Draft Live Blog

[NOTE: There is a new live blog / open thread available here for Friday]

9:05 PM: At No. 55, the Cincinnati Bengals got WR Tyler Boyd.

9:01 PM: At No. 54, the Minnesota Vikings drafted the top remaining player on our DBN Big Board, CB Mackensie Alexander.

8:57 PM: At No. 53, the Washington Redskins took OLB Su'a Cravens.

8:55 PM: At No. 52, the Atlanta Falcons selected LB Deion Jones.

8:46 PM: At No. 51, the New York Jets just took QB Christian Hackenberg. That means QB Connor Cook will continue to linger out there for someone, including perhaps the Browns with one of their third-round picks.

8:44 PM: At No. 50, the Houston Texans grabbed the second-best center in Nick Martin. I'm sure fans would trade Erving for Martin in less than a second.

8:36 PM: At No. 49, the Seattle Seahawks drafted DT Jarran Reed, another great value pick at this point. Fun fact: I have a whiteboard sitting next to me with the Browns' third-round pick spots all written down. I have to make sure I'm mentally ready for when our pick is approaching.

8:31 PM: LOL. The fans in Chicago keep cheering loudly when the Bears are on the clock, and they keep trading out every time. They just did so again with the Seahawks moving up.

8:29 PM: The Green Bay Packers traded up, which is not something you see very often. At No. 48, they must have really coveted their selection: OT Jason Spriggs.

8:26 PM: Perhaps the final Buckeye-possibility to Cleveland is off the board. At No. 47, the New Orleans Saints just selected WR Michael Thomas. The non-OSU Mike Thomas is still out there, though.

8:20 PM: Not much of this top talent will slip to the third round at this rate.

8:18 PM: At No. 46, the Detroit Lions took DT A'Shawn Robinson.

8:14 PM: Despite adding RB DeMarco Murray this offseason, the Tennessee Titans just drafted RB Derrick Henry at No. 45.

8:08 PM: At No. 44, the Oakland Raiders took DE Jihad Ward.

8:03 PM: At No. 42, the Baltimore Ravens finally made their pick after trading down a few times, taking DE Kamalei Correa. At No. 43, the Tennessee Titans grabbed DT Austin Johnson.

7:57 PM: At No. 41, the Buffalo Bills moved up to select ILB Reggie Ragland. Good pick.

7:54 PM: At No. 40, the New York Giants drafted WR Sterling Shepard. The Browns are still 25 picks away, but you still have to be on high alert in case they move up for somebody they really like.

7:50 PM: At No. 38, the Miami Dolphins took CB Xavien Howard. Following that up, at No. 39, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded up to take DE Noah Spence.

7:47 PM: Even though DE Emmanuel Ogbah said he was caught off guard by the Browns taking him because they didn't have him in Berea or do a private workout with him, they made contact at some point, because he was on our draft tracker for the Browns. That's 2/2 when you include WR Corey Coleman.

7:40 PM: At No. 37, the Kansas City Chiefs selected DT Chris Jones. It sounds like the Ravens, who already traded down once, are trading back again to acquire more assets.

7:38 PM: Here is what Pro Football Focus says about the Browns' selection at No. 32:

32. Cleveland Browns: Emmanuel Ogbah | Grade: B+

There was a lot of talk that the Browns would trade the pick, but they grab one of the best pass rushers in the draft in Ogbah, owner of the No. 3 pass rush grade in the class. He’s not as strong against the run as you’d like given his size and length, but the Browns got burst off the edge in Ogbah.

7:36 PM: The defensive surge keeps on coming. At No. 35, the San Diego Chargers picked TE Hunter Henry, who can learn the ropes behind TE Antonio Gates. At No. 36, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up to draft LB Myles Jack. If he can maintain some shred of healthiness, then the Jaguars escape from the draft with the two best defensive prospects in Jack and DB Jalen Ramsey. Amazing.

7:28 PM: Here is our comic drawing of DE Emmanuel Ogbah:

7:25 PM: At No. 33, the Tennessee Titans selected DE Kevin Dodd. Then, with No. 34, the Dallas Cowboys pulled a bit of a surprise and took OLB Jaylon Smith! Good for him. The defensive playmakers are coming off the board quick to start Day 2.

7:20 PM: The Browns stayed put and selected DE Emmanuel Ogbah at No. 32 overall. Our write-up on him is here.

6:57 PM: Some last-minute insight from Mike Silver of the NFL Network:

6:40 PM: The second round is about 20 minutes away and the Browns still aren't set on what they are going to do!

5:54 PM: Whenever the Browns are on the clock in the 2nd round, the pick will be announced by WR Paul Warfield. In the 3rd round, TE Gary Barnidge will announce the pick(s) -- it is unclear whether he'll get to do just one, or all three picks.

5:26 PM: Not much to talk about at the moment. Usually, the team's first round pick has a press conference in Berea on Friday, but there's been no news of such today, so maybe there will be something over the weekend.

Originally, we were going to have a new live blog thread up at 6:00 PM ET, leading up to the beginning of the second round at 7:00 PM ET. However, since the Browns pick first, I think we will keep this live blog up to get the initial reaction of the team's pick or trade. Then, at some point, we'll kick off another live blog / open thread for when the third round is close to starting.

4:29 PM: I just finished reading a long article by Jason La Canfora, focusing exclusively on the Browns' draft strategy. It's clear there are one or more executives out there who are still irked by the Browns' unconventional way of doing things. It's hard to summarize the article, so I'll just quote the little snippet below and encourage you to go read the rest.

As executives headed home late Thursday night and began comparing thoughts with their peers, Cleveland was certainly among the teams most talked about. Again.

3:46 PM: At least from a short-term PR perspective, I'm really glad the Browns were able to steer clear of this mess so their new regime could get off to a good start.

3:20 PM: I guess this is supposed to be a sign of faith in LB Myles Jack, but why wasn't this "news" yesterday?

3:14 PM: Last year, the Titans held the first pick on Day 2 at No. 33. At the start of the second round, they traded the pick to the Giants. The compensation received by Tennessee was the following: moving down to the Giants' 2nd round pick (No. 40), and then acquiring their 4th round pick (No. 108) and 7th round pick (No. 245).

That will be the bare minimum the Browns aim for this year, especially since there is a greater surplus of talent available in 2016. I expect the asking price to be much greater than what the Titans got a year ago, unless the team trying to move up is only two-three picks away and no one else "blows their socks off."

2:40 PM: It doesn't sound like ILB Reggie Ragland's medical concern will bother many teams:

2:25 PM: Going through a few semi-cryptic tweets, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network believes the Seattle Seahawks "stole" OT Germain Ifedi from the Browns when they selected him with the final pick of the first round on Thursday.

2:18 PM: On Twitter, Lane Adkins of The OBR believes that LB Myles Jack will be drafted somewhere in the second round today. Regarding the Browns at No. 32 and fielding calls, Lane says "other teams have a specific player in mind [who they want to trade for]," but that the Browns haven't locked in to a player. With that said, there haven't committed themselves to making a trade yet.

1:30 PM: See the tweet below -- I was bringing up this exact point to my relatives earlier today in explaining what the Browns' philosophy was in acquiring lower-but-still-worthy assets:

1:27 PM: Here are some general notes I've read today. First, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to trade up to get QB Paxton Lynch, but didn't give up enough.

Second, when OT Laremy Tunsil kept falling, the Jets were strongly considering trading up to get him before Miami did at No. 13. The Lions were the next team to take an offensive tackle at No. 16, so the Jets might have been calling the Browns at No. 15. The next wide receiver taken was the Texans at No. 21, so it's possible that if the Dolphins passed on Tunsil, Cleveland could've moved down to No. 20, still gotten Coleman, and acquired another asset (i.e. a third-rounder).

Third, there might be more medical concern for LB Myles Jack than there is for LB Jaylon Smith 2-3 years down the road. While Smith will get better after healing, Jack will slowly deteriorate. That has to be incredibly tough for a franchise to decide whether he's worth it, knowing he could be a ticking time bomb.

1:15 PM: Outstanding production on this YouTube video by the NFL, building up to the Browns selecting WR Corey Coleman on Thursday from his perspective. I always love seeing the raw emotions in a candid fashion -- from the anxiety to the pure joy of being drafted.

1:00 PM: For the second year in a row, Cleveland was the No. 1 TV audience to tune in to ESPN for the draft. Columbus and Dayton were also in the Top 4, so you can imagine how Browns fans are blowing other cities out of the water when it comes to draft interest. I guess people are right -- this is our Super Bowl.

12:55 PM: Here are a couple of more reports from CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport that the Browns will probably move out of No. 32 as teams are fascinated with what the talent still available. I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns move back to No. 34, and then move back again.

12:50 PM: Former Browns CEO Joe Banner complimented the front office's handling of things:

With the assets gained, Banner said the Browns got "massively more than anyone else got out of the first round." It's no surprise that Banner loved what Cleveland did, as he had many of the same asset-acquisition philosophies when he was running things. Remember, he'll go down in history for somehow getting a first-round pick back for RB Trent Richardson. His philosophy was never the problem -- it was the fact that he and then-GM Michael Lombardi were viewed as toxic around the league. The new regime -- painted over-the-top as focusing on "analytics," might be in their own corner, but aren't viewed as toxic. In fact, they have the opportunity to become trend-setters.

12:34 PM: So, my thinking was that convention says when a team has a ton of draft picks, they will eventually move merge some of those assets together for a higher pick. Because if you draft, say, 15 players this year and expect them all to pan out, how are you going to have the capital to sign all of those players when they are ready to become free agents down the road? According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, though, the Browns might be looking to add up to 4-6 more draft picks!

One of those teams who could be looking to move up is the Dallas Cowboys, per Rapoport. If the Browns move down, it would only be two spots to No. 34 overall, where they'd still likely get the player they want:

12:25 PM: Over the next half hour, I'm going to try to catch up on a bunch of rumor/relevant tweets that were posted after I finished last night's live blog. Let's start with a little intrigue on LB Myles Jack still being available (this came after midnight last night).

12:14 PM: Yesterday, the Browns posted a video of them calling WR Corey Coleman and telling him they were going to select him with the 15th overall pick of the draft. According to the video on the projector in the background, the Browns made the call to Coleman when they had about 5:39 left on the clock. Sashi Brown, Hue Jackson, and Al Saunders each briefly talked to Coleman.

12:10 PM: Here is the Cumulative DBN Big Board, following up on our previous update. The rankings for this one have been reset starting at No. 1, instead of listing their original ranking. The asterisks denote significant medical concerns.

DBN Big Board
1 LB Myles Jack*
2 DE Noah Spence
3 CB Mackensie Alexander
4 WR Michael Thomas
5 ILB Reggie Ragland*
6 DT Jarran Reed
7 DT Andrew Billings
8 DT A'Shawn Robinson
9 DE Emmanuel Ogbah
10 DE Kevin Dodd
11 OLB Jaylon Smith*
12 S Vonn Bell
13 TE Hunter Henry
14 OG Cody Whitehair
15 DT Chris Jones
16 OT Jason Spriggs
17 WR Sterling Shepherd
18 WR Tyler Boyd
19 RB Derrick Henry
20 DE Shilique Calhoun
21 WR Leonte Carroo
22 WR Braxton Miller
23 DE Kamalei Correa
24 WR Rashard Higgins
25 QB Connor Cook
26 DE Jonathan Bullard
27 WR Mike Thomas
28 TE Nick Vannett
29 OT Le'Raven Clark
30 LB Joshua Perry
31 DT Sheldon Day
32 LB Su'a Cravens
33 ILB Kentrell Brothers
34 RB Devontae Booker
35 DT Austin Johnson
36 S Miles Killebrew
37 LB Scooby Wright III
38 DT Adolphus Washington
39 C Nick Martin
40 K Roberto Aguayo

12:01 PM: It's time to revisit everybody's DBN Big Boards to see who is left! This will be a long update, but I think it will be worth it. I am posting eight individual big boards, and then in the next update, I will post the CUMULATIVE big board, which gives the best general consensus among the staff + community. Please keep in mind that these big boards were constructed from before the draft.

Chris Pokorny
Matt Wood
Jon Stinchcomb
10 Myles Jack 5 Myles Jack 6 Myles Jack 6 Myles Jack
12 Reggie Ragland 7 Jaylon Smith 11 Chris Jones 10 Noah Spence
16 Michael Thomas 9 Noah Spence 17 Cody Whitehair 19 Derrick Henry
17 Leonard Floyd 12 Mackensie Alexander 18 Mackenzie Alexander 22 Mike Thomas
21 Jason Spriggs 17 Michael Thomas 21 Jarran Reed 24 Vonn Bell
22 Leonte Carroo 22 Sterling Shepard 22 Andrew Billings 25 Jarran Reed
23 Jarran Reed 25 Hunter Henry 24 Shilique Calhoun 27 Mackenzie Alexander
26 Braxton Miller 26 Chris Jones 26 Sterling Shepard 28 Kevin Dodd
27 Mike Thomas 28 Vonn Bell 27 Jaylon Smith 31 A'Shawn Robinson
29 Mackensie Alexander 29 Andrew Billings 28 Reggie Ragland 32 Andrew Billings
30 Kamalei Coorea 30 Tyler Boyd 29 Leonte Carroo 33 Cody Whitehair
31 Vonn Bell 32 Emmanuel Ogbah 30 Michael Thomas 34 Jason Spriggs
33 Kevin Dodd 33 Leonte Carroo 31 Sheldon Day 35 Emmanuel Ogbah
34 Noah Spence 34 Cody Whitehair 32 Jonathan Bullard 36 Tyler Boyd
35 A'Shawn Robinson 35 Kevin Dodd 33 Noah Spence 40 Kamalei Correa
36 Kentrell Brothers 37 Joshua Perry 34 Emmanuel Ogbah 41 Hunter Henry
37 Cody Whitehair 38 Shilique Calhoun 35 Rashard Higgins 43 Nick Vannett
38 Le'Raven Clark 39 Braxton Miller 36 Hunter Henry 44 Devontae Booker
39 Andrew Billings 41 Kendall Fuller 38 Austin Johnson 45 Braxton Miller
41 Emmanuel Ogbah 42 Le'Raven Clark 40 Su'a Cravens
Nick Martin 43 Devontae Booker 41
Scooby Wright III

Tyler Boyd 44 Jonathan Bullard 43
Adolphus Washington

45 Rashard Higgins 45
A'Shawn Robinson

Joe Ginley
Zach Miller
Josh Finney
DBN Big Board
3 Myles Jack 5 Myles Jack 4 Myles Jack 6 Myles Jack
13 A'Shawn Robinson 12 Hunter Henry 15 A'Shawn Robinson 14 Reggie Ragland
15 Reggie Ragland 14 Noah Spence 17 Jarran Reed 16 Noah Spence
25 Mackensie Alexander 16 A'Shawn Robinson 18 Reggie Ragland 17 Michael Thomas
26 Jarran Reed 18 Mackenzie Alexander 22 Jason Spriggs 19 Emmanuel Ogbah
27 Noah Spence 20 Reggie Ragland 24 Andrew Billings 25 Vonn Bell
30 Kevin Dodd 21 Jarran Reed 25 Emmanuel Ogbah 26 Mackensie Alexander
31 Derrick Henry 23 Sterling Shepard 28 Chris Jones 27 Connor Cook
34 Emmanuel Ogbah 24 Andrew Billings 29 Mackensie Alexander 28 Jaylon Smith
35 Kamalei Correa 28 Jaylon Smith 30 Michael Thomas 30 Tyler Boyd
36 Michael Thomas 30 Derrick Henry 31 Rashard Higgins 32 Andrew Billings
37 Andrew Billings 31 Michael Thomas 33 Tyler Boyd 34 Kevin Dodd
38 Jason Spriggs 34 Chris Jones 34 Noah Spence 35 A'Shawn Robinson
40 Kendall Fuller 35 Kevin Dodd 35 Shilique Calhoun 38 Jason Spriggs
41 Shilique Calhoun 39 Miles Killebrew 36 Nick Vannett 40 Shilique Calhoun
42 Hunter Henry 40 Vonn Bell 38 Hunter Henry 41 Cody Whitehair
Tyler Boyd
42 Emmanuel Ogbah 39 Braxton Miller 42 Derrick Henry
Vonn Bell
43 Cody Whitehair 41 Su'a Cravens 43 Jarran Reed

44 Connor Cook 42 Sterling Shepard 44 Joshua Perry

45 Roberto Aguayo 43 Cody Whitehair 45 Kendall Fuller

44 Kevin Dodd

12:00 PM: Good afternoon, Browns fans, and welcome to Day 2 of the NFL Draft! In case you missed it, the Dawgs By Nature staff has been busy putting together some draft-related articles. Here are some features for you to kill some time with:

The Browns have 4 picks today -- No. 32 overall in the 2nd round & No. 65, 76, and 77 overall in the 3rd round.