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Browns Revamp Strength & Conditioning Staff Under Adam Beard

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns' overhaul of their strength and conditioning staff is nearly complete. After hiring Adam Beard last season under the title, "Director of High Performance," he really needed to wait until the 2016 season before he could analyze the team's current practices, put together a plan for the team, and get the right staff together.

The three primary staff members from last year were the team's strength and conditioning coach, Paul Ricci, and two assistant strength and conditioning coaches, Mike Wolf and Derik Keyes. Of the three, only Keyes was retained, under a similar title of "strength and conditioning assistant." Here is the new staff, by title, to date:

Director, High Performance: Adam Beard
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator: Evan Marcus
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator: Jason Veltkamp
Strength and Conditioning/Skills Assistant: Joe Kim
Strength and Conditioning Assistant: Derik Keyes
Strength and Conditioning Intern: Ian Jones
Sports Scientist: Jamey Mroz

According to, over 50 candidates were interviewed by Beard for the six positions, and the team is currently in the process of hiring a nutritionist. Head athletic trainer Joe Sheehan assisted Beard in coming up with the type of candidates who should fill the positions.

To read more about each of the new staff members' strengths, check out their mini-profiles on the official team site.