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2016 Browns' DBN Big Board: Top 5 Results, Vote for Slots 6-10

Michael Chang/Getty Images

After 1,947 votes, the 1-5 slots for the Browns' DBN Big Board are as follows:

1. Carson Wentz -- 5319 total points
2. Jalen Ramsey -- 5075 total points
3. Joey Bosa -- 3614 total points
4. Laremy Tunsil -- 3362 total points
5. Jared Goff -- 3213 total points

The breakdown of the votes are as follows:

DBN Big Board

The poll indicates that significantly more people favor the Browns taking Carson Wentz over Jared Goff. Although I can't tell from the poll, I would guess that a fair amount of people who voted Wentz at No. 1 did not vote Goff at No. 2, and might have even left him out of their Top 5. What was clear is that these are definitively the Top 5 players on the big board. The No. 6 spot (now shown) only registered 26 first place votes.

Compiling the Big Board: 6-10 Slots

Now it's time to vote for the players who will be in the 6-10 slots on the Browns' DBN Big Board. Remember that you are supposed to weigh a combination of talent, need, character, positional value, etc. for each player you vote for in relation to how they would fit with the Browns.

Treat this like a realistic scenario if you were in the Browns draft room, looking at your big board that aligns with the Browns. For example, you might value quarterback as the No. 1 spot on the Browns' big board because of need and talent, but if you were doing the Patriots' big board, quarterback wouldn't be nearly the same premium.

The list of 25 players in the poll were taken from CBS Sports. If there are any players you wanted to vote for but who were missing from the list, please let us know in the comments section so we can include them in the next round. Voting for the first round will be open for a couple of days.

Please vote only once.