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Cleveland Browns sign 1st round draft pick, WR Corey Coleman

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns signed WR Corey Coleman on Friday, along with five other rookies. Taken in the 1st round at No. 15 overall, Coleman's contract will be worth about $11.655 million, with a $6.676 million signing bonus over four years, according to OverTheCap's pre-determined draft chart. His cap hit in 2016 will be roughly $2.119 million, which would be second-highest on the team, only behind WR Brian Hartline.

Coleman was the team's first selection of the draft, as the team started with the No. 2 pick before acquiring more assets in trading down to No. 8 and eventually No. 15. Coleman is 5-11, 185-pounds and played college football at Baylor. He will wear No. 19 with the Browns. He started work at rookie minicamp, and afterward, Hue Jackson noted that the rookie receiver needs to get in better shape. Jackson later added that everyone needs to improve their conditioning, but that's the standard learning curve of rookies realizing this is the NFL, not college. Coleman is expected to be the team's No. 1 receiver this season.