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Cleveland Browns sign 5th round draft pick, WR Jordan Payton

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns signed WR Jordan Payton on Friday, along with five other rookies. Taken in the 5th round at No. 154 overall, Payton's contract will be worth about $2.584 million, with a $244,000 signing bonus over four years, according to OverTheCap's pre-determined draft chart. His cap hit in 2016 will be roughly $511,000. He was among three rookie receivers to sign on the first day of rookie minicamp, with the other two being WR Corey Coleman and WR Rashard Higgins.

Payton was the team's 10th player selected in the draft, their third wide receiver picked, and the first of four fifth-round picks. Payton is 6-1, 209-pounds and played college football at UCLA. He will wear No. 84 with the Browns. On the first day of rookie minicamp, Payton was asked if he knew the Browns were interested in him. Here was his response:

"The draft is a beast of its own. I had no idea. I had interviewed with them at the Combine. I got the call, and now, I am here."

Payton will compete with the three other rookie receivers after Coleman, and realistically, any one of them could end up falling anywhere on the depth chart. It will be a true competition between the youngsters and the remaining veterans.