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Replay review to be looked at further during NFL Spring League Meeting

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Spring League Meeting will take place this Tuesday, May 23rd, in Charlotte, North Carolina and will run through Thursday, May 25th. Although most of the rule proposals were already voted on at the previous league meetings, changes to the replay review system are still under consideration.

This past Tuesday, the Washington Post wrote that the NFL competition committee has been putting together a proposal for owners to vote on. It is believed that their proposal would not radically change reviewable plays, but would tweak some of the language to make it clearer for officials to make decisions.

It was also reported that the Baltimore Ravens, who were among the teams pushing for radical changes to replay review, would still push for "hits on defenseless players" to be subjected to reviews. However, a report by ESPN on Thursday states that the Ravens have withdrawn their proposal. It is still a bit unclear whether they are referring to the Ravens' original, radical proposal to basically have everything reviewable, or if he also means they are withdrawing the proposal for reviewing hits to defenseless players.

Don't expect any major news to come out of a proposal, but I think it's good to keep NFL-related events on your radar during the deader periods of the offseason. A proposal discussed, but not passed, in 2016 could help mature the conversation along for a vote in a later year like 2017 or 2018, though.