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Report: Kevin Griffin, Browns' VP of Fan Engagement, Out in Berea

Erik Drost on Flickr

Monday afternoon, Waiting for Next Year broke the news that the Cleveland Browns are parting ways with Kevin Griffin, the team's VP of Fan Engagement. Griffin was hired back in 2013, where he was tasked with engaging fans to find out what type of improvements they'd like to see on gameday from a fan experience perspective -- in other words, the entertainment aspect, but not the product on the field.

In our limited correspondence via Twitter or email with Griffin over the years, he answered our questions and recognized our site's existence. However, there have been more than a handful of individuals who have had some not-so-nice things to say about him, and I'm talking about employees or the local media who worked with him in Berea on a semi-regular basis. And even though no formal announcement has been made by the team yet, you can read between the lines with the timing of some of these tweets from local media members:

Daryl Ruiter of 92.2 the Fan followed that up with saying, "Dee Haslam is my hero," as she is believed to be the person who has really helped clean up the cancerous/controversial personalities in Berea, from the likes of Griffin to former team president Alec Scheiner.

Griffin also played a role in the implementation of team's "third down Halloween music" over the past several years, and presumably the promotion of the logos/uniforms last year along with the debut of Swagger. The uniforms are still set in stone for another four years I believe, but we might see a few changes again from the fan perspective side of things.