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Zierlein projects Browns' Corey Coleman as a rookie likely to disappoint in 2016

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Zierlein, a draft analyst for, wrote a column this past week discussing five players he believes are likely to disappoint in 2016. The pool of players he selected from were "early-round picks," ranging from No. 9 overall (OLB Leonard Floyd to the Bears) all the way to No. 38 overall (CB Xavien Howard to the Dolphins). Sandwiched in between as one of the other three disappointments was WR Corey Coleman of the Cleveland Browns at No. 15 overall. Why does Zierlein believe Coleman will disappoint in 2016?

Coleman's explosiveness and big-play ability is unquestioned, but he might find that the transition from his college scheme to what he will see in the pros will take time to get used to. Coleman had success with short, catch-and-run passes combined with go routes to maximize his talents at Baylor. With NFL hashmarks, he won't have as much free room to work with, and he'll be facing much faster and physical competition across from him. We haven't even delved into the question of whether or not Robert Griffin III can put it back together this season. Coleman's emergence might have to wait a year or longer.

I suppose that is the pessimistic view; an optimist would say that Coleman will only become more dangerous as he is exposed to more routes at the NFL level.