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USA Today lists the most embarrassing jersey for all 32 NFL teams

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This past week, the USA Today put together an article that highlighted the most embarrassing jersey for every NFL team. Some of them were due to over-hyped letdowns (Tim Tebow with the Jets), some were due to flat out terrible play (Cade McCown with the Bears), and others were due to heartbreakers (Billy Cundiff with the Ravens).

Unfortunately, when it came to the Cleveland Browns, instead of being a little more original and actually picking one player, they went with "[insert any QB here]" and had a photo of the Browns' famous quarterback jersey hanging up in Downtown Cleveland. I guess it's a little irritating as a Browns fan to see that re-treaded yet again, but it's understandable when you think of it from the perspective of reaching a national audience.

If I had to pick just one jersey I wouldn't want to be associated with or see somebody walking around with, though, it would be QB Johnny Manziel. Every day there is a new headline about him -- the latest being that he punched a guy and was kicked out of a club. The laundry list of incidents related to Manziel that we haven't even mentioned is growing daily; his attire went flying off the shelves when he was first drafted, and with so much of it out there, I have to wonder what people did with it. Keep it in their closet? Throw it away? Donate it? Burn it?