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Cleveland Browns sign 2nd round draft pick, OLB Emmanuel Ogbah

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns signed OLB Emmanuel Ogbah on Thursday. He is the seventh of fourteen draft picks to sign, with the first six having signed on two weeks ago.

Taken in the 2nd round at No. 32 overall, Ogbah's contract will be worth about $6.610 million, with a $3.007 million signing bonus over four years, according to OverTheCap's pre-determined draft chart. His cap hit in 2016 will be roughly $1.202 million, which puts him well behind the cap hits for OLB Paul Kruger and OLB Barkevious Mingo, but a little ahead of what OLB Nate Orchard will account for.

The Browns made Ogbah the first pick of Day 2 of the draft. The way you know they were really sold on him as a player is the fact that they traded down so many times, yet refused to deal out of No. 32. Ogbah is 6-4, 275-pounds and played college football at Oklahoma State. He will wear No. 90 with the Browns. A few weeks ago at rookie minicamp, Ogbah talked about his transition to linebacker at the NFL level:

"It’s new. I came from a 4-3 defense. Basically, the only thing that I’m doing is standing. It’s pretty much the same. It’s not complicated is what I’m trying to say. ... What they asked me to do here is drop. That’s the only difference. In college, I didn’t drop that much, but I still dropped a little bit. Here, I’m dropping a lot more than I did in college. That’s the only difference."