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Terrelle Pryor expresses confidence as receiver; praised by Brian Hartline

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, we fantasized quite a bit about Terrelle Pryor taking the league by storm in his transition from quarterback to wide receiver. In fact, despite being a later addition to the club, he was the talk of the early parts of training camp before a hamstring injury sidelined him for awhile.

Pryor says he knows that without the injury last year, he knows he would've stuck around on the final roster. Instead, he was cut and then finally re-signed at the end of the season. "But that's the past," said Pryor during an OTA interview on Wednesday. "Let's talk about this era here with [Hue Jackson] here and the great teammates I have now who I'm looking to go to work with tomorrow and the future."

Pryor didn't go as crazily optimistic as WR Dwayne Bowe did last year about certain players' abilities, but he did express how much more confident and polished he is now, attributing much of the credit to Jackson, wide receivers coach Al Saunders, and his own work ethic to stay committed to the transition, saying that he is "10 times" better than he was a year ago.

"I look at the film and it amazes me, and I give that to [Al Saunders], because just sitting there and doing the extra meeting time with him and him really breaking down certain routes to me and how he wants them run, it's awesome. ... I feel like I'm there,'' he said. "I already transitioned. Now I'm really working on the skill, the details of running the routes and stuff like that. I feel great out there. It's definitely like second-nature now''

Recently-released WR Brian Hartline responded to an article about Pryor on Twitter, saying that he is "doing an incredible job."

Here is a play that Dan Labbe of the Plain Dealer shot during Wednesday's OTA session of Pryor: