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PFF gives the Browns a B+ as their offseason grade

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The analytical reviews continue to favor the Cleveland Browns' offseason.

A few weeks ago, Bill Barnwell, formerly of Football Outsiders, gave the Browns an A- for their offseason, which was the highest grade in the AFC North. A couple of days ago, we noted that ESPN gave the Browns a D for their offseason. Now, Pro Football Focus has released their grades for all 32 teams in the NFL, and the Browns were given a B+. Here is a list of what the AFC North grades were:

PFF's AFC North Offseason Grades

Baltimore Ravens received a B+
Cincinnati Bengals received a B
Cleveland Browns received an B+
Pittsburgh Steelers
received a C

Here are some highlights we pulled from PFF's assessment on the Browns:

  • PFF had given the Browns a D+ for what they did in free agency, so their division-leading offseason grade is indicative of how much the site loved their approach to the NFL draft. (Reminder: Here is where PFF had graded the draft by itself, saying Cleveland did the best job).

  • Although they also liked what the Browns did on Day 1 and Day 2 of the draft, they felt that Day 3 of the draft really put them over the top:
    Where Cleveland really won this draft was on day three: Higgins (the No. 40 overall prospect on PFF’s draft board), Wright (No. 71), Schobert (No. 74), Drango (No. 107), and Payton (No. 118) all were steals relative to where they were drafted. Higgins graded as our No. 2 WR in 2014—ahead of 2014 No. 4 overall pick Amari Cooper.
  • Besides RGIII, they still stand by the fact that the team's free agent class won't amount to much:
    Rahim Moore has been an average safety over the course of his career, with solid play in coverage. Demario Davis has been inconsistent in his career, grading positively just once in four years in 2014, and Alvin Bailey has experience at all positions on the offensive line, albeit with very poor play.