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Browns' First Round Pick, WR Corey Coleman, to Wear No. 19

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Here we go again.

Two years ago, veteran wide receiver Miles Austin asked for Bernie Kosar's blessing to wear No. 19, which is the number that the team's legendary quarterback donned. Kosar was happy to oblige, but at the time, the fan response was pretty mixed. 45% didn't mind Austin having the number right away, 38% felt he should've waited to see if he made the 53-man roster before taking the number, and 17% cried out that the number was too sacred.

A couple of years later, another receiver is going to wear Kosar's number, and this time it's a guy who was born one year after Kosar's final season as the Browns' quarterback (h/t Ben Axelrod). Corey Coleman, the 15th overall pick of the draft, announced on Twitter this evening that he will wear No. 19 for his rookie season:

It is unclear whether Coleman talked to Kosar about the number, or if he was advised to make the good public relations move of acknowledging Kosar as he claimed the jersey. Either way, it's not too big of a deal to me, but what about you, Browns fans?