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Browns' Odds to Win Super Bowl Improve to 100/1

Hey, you never know.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada has released its third set of odds for Super Bowl LI, and somehow, the Browns have climbed.

The Browns improved from 150/1 on February 8 and March 14 to 100/1 in today's iteration.

Apparently, Bovada must have read Pro Football Focus' grade of the Browns draft.

Reviews and grades have steadily flowed in for the Browns' 14-player draft class. Many traditional experts, such as Mel Kiper and others, have given the Browns C's. However, some newer, analytics-based sites such as PFF have graded the Browns as highly as A's.

Not everyone is in approval, though. On May 1, Las Vegas Superbook placed the Browns' over/under win total at 4 1/2, the lowest in the NFL.

The odds for the Browns to win a Super Bowl are still minuscule, but anything is possible. Leicester City just won the Premier League title after starting off the season at 5,000/1 odds.

Bovada released other post-draft props today, too, including NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year odds. Corey Coleman received a favorable chance at a 15/2, the fourth best odds in the league. Only Jared Goff (2/1), Ezekiel Elliott (5/2), and Derrick Henry (7/1) finished higher.

Hey, crazier things have happened, though a Browns player has never been named Offensive Rookie of the Year.