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Looking Back at the Instant Poll Reactions After the Browns' Draft Picks

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

After the Cleveland Browns made each draft pick last week, our write-up on the selection included a poll in order to gauge the immediate reactions from the fans.

WR Corey Coleman

DE Emmanuel Ogbah

DE Carl Nassib

OT Shon Coleman

QB Cody Kessler

LB Joe Schobert

WR Ricardo Louis

S Derrick Kindred

TE Seth DeValve

WR Jordan Payton

OT Spencer Drango

WR Rashard Higgins

CB Trey Caldwell

ILB Scooby Wright III

Wrapping Up

It's no surprise to see the overwhelming poll support for the likes of WR Rashard Higgins and ILB Scooby Wright III. Both players were projected to go several rounds earlier, so fans are going to appreciate the value the team got there.

If a pick was deemed acceptable for the round (i.e. your standard draft pick), they typically follow the same average: 65% support it, 30% have mixed feelings, and 5% hate it. The players who graded above that average barrier were LB Joe Schobert in the 4th round and OT Spencer Drango in the 5th round.

The picks that ended up being the most panned were QB Cody Kessler in the 3rd round, WR Ricardo Louis in the 4th round, and CB Trey Caldwell in the 5th round. Louis and Caldwell are two of the three players I also am least fond of from this draft class. Kessler's rating is definitely a byproduct of the always-controversial quarterback position, and the fact that nobody expected him to be a third-rounder.

Now that fans have had a week to settle down, do you think some of these polls, if conducted again, would lead to different results? Or, did you vote one way after the draft, but would like to change your vote now after getting to know the player some more?