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Browns sign 4th round draft pick, WR Ricardo Louis

Louis already has plans for his first paycheck.

NCAA Football: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have signed the ninth player of its 14-player 2016 NFL Draft crop, wide receiver Ricardo Louis.

The team announced the news on Wednesday afternoon.

Selected in the 4th round at No. 114, Louis's deal will be worth about $2.9 million, according to OverTheCap's pre-determined draft chart. The Auburn product will haul in around $591,000 during his first season with the Browns.

According to, Louis has already decided what to do with his first paycheck -- it's going to his mom.

Very cool.

A speedy, underused target in Auburn's run-heavy system, Louis is seen as a developmental selection. Some draft pundits said the Browns reached on Louis and have slotted him as one of the receivers who'll be cut in training camp.

To his credit, the Miami, Florida native's speed and athleticism are impressive. Louis does have a lot to learn at wideout, but could develop into a solid player.

The 6'2, 215 pound wide receiver will wear No. 80 in Cleveland.