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Notes from the Browns' offensive assistants after mandatory minicamp

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we looked at some notes from the Cleveland Browns' defensive assistants after the team's recent minicamp. Now, let's take a look at some notes from the offensive assistants, particularly offensive line coach Hal Hunter and senior offensive assistant/wide receivers coach Al Saunders.


Offensive Line - Hal Hunter

  • When asked if the Browns had an interior lineman who could also serve as a backup center, Hunter gave the obvious answer in John Greco, noting that he has taken quarterback-center exchanges every day they've practiced. However, during actual drills, they've kept him exclusively at right guard so he can get familiar with the new system. During the fall, they'll find some backup reps for him at center. As for somebody who has been getting backup center reps this offseason so far, that would be undrafted free agent Mike Matthews.

  • Hunter spoke in depth about the right tackle position, so let's just quote what he had to say about all of the contenders for the job:

    Alvin Bailey: "You look at Bailey when he played last year [in Seattle], he went in for (former Seahawks and Broncos OL) Russell Okung at left tackle. He played really good. When they had me evaluate him, I was like, ‘Why am I wasting my time because they’re not letting him go?’ Then, I was really excited when he came in here for the visit. When he swings over the right tackle, all the technique is absolutely backwards. We’ve worked a lot of his technique, and our system is a lot more complicated than what they did in Seattle. We’re asking him to do a lot more, but he’s picked it up really well. I’ve been pleased. He’s got a ways to go to be able to do what we want, but he’s making progress.

    Spencer Drango: "He's come in and has kind of been a little bit of a surprise. He’s been working the backup right tackle, picking up the offense good. He’s a tough, competitive kid, fairly athletic. He’s a four-year left tackle. We’ve gone to right tackle so we’re getting his technique. He’s gone in there and competed. He’s still got a ways to go, but he’s in there."

    Michael Bowie: "He played a little bit of right tackle early in the spring, and he played some guard. He’s been finishing out the last couple weeks at left tackle."

    Shon Coleman: "He was a really impressive guy at Auburn when we watched him on tape. He reminded me a lot of a guy I had at San Diego from Auburn named Marcus McNeill, who played me for and was All-Pro for the first two years for me in San Diego – Shon Coleman, they have a lot in common. He’ll be ready for fall camp. There are going to be a lot of guys competing at that position which is good news."

  • Hunter also added that OT Shon Coleman will be ready-to-go for Day 1 of training camp. He's been rehabbing from an injury.

  • I suppose this can be chalked up as a positive for C Cameron Erving:

Wide Receivers / Senior Offensive Assistant - Al Saunders

  • So far, Saunders is really impressed with what the young group has brought to the table, including Corey Coleman:
    "Corey is what we thought he was. He’s a talented football player. He’s got great speed. He’s got some great route-running ability. He just has had a very limited background in his college days. That’s what we’re here for is to make sure that he learns how to progress the basics and gets better and better. I’ve been really pleased with his attitude and really pleased with his effort. I think the Cleveland fans are going to be excited to see him when he gets up to speed in every phase of the game. We’re looking forward to that, also."
  • As for the receivers in general:
    "If they continue to make the improvements that they’ve made since they’ve been here, we’re looking forward to a group of very energetic and very capable players. These guys work hard. They’ve had great careers in college, and those that have been here for a year have made marked improvement on a daily basis. What they’ve learned so far in this OTA session and these minicamps is what we expect of them in terms of their energy and their effort in the classroom and on the field. They’ve made some great strides. Now, we got to Phase 2, which is the training camp. We play real football at that time. We’ll see how they progress through that. I’m excited about this group. They’re great kids."
  • We've heard Terrelle Pryor say that he's improved tremendously at the position, but now Saunders is echoing that, saying he's improved by leaps and bounds:
    "The season is yet to come here, but I know one thing: he’s improved by leaps and bounds. It’s really hard, that transition from the quarterback position to a wide receiver position, and the physical environment is so different. He’s being asked to do things that he’s never really been asked to do before. He’s got to make a lot of ground up in that way, but every day he gets better, he does something that really gives me room for optimism that he has a future at that position. We’re really excited about him. He’s dedicated himself in the classroom, and his work ethic is better and better and better. His efficiency is better and better and better. I look forward to getting him in training camp and see where we can go from there. He’s done a nice job."

Running Backs - Rock Cartwright (Assistant)

No quotes from Cartwright, but here he is trying to punch the ball out of running backs' hands during drills: