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Mike Carey reportedly out as NFL on CBS officiating analyst

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

We can make fun of Mike Carey's on-air officiating explanations no longer.

While Mike Pereira set the gold standard of explaining and predicting rulings on the air during NFL broadcasts on FOX, when CBS tried to replicate the format with the just-retired Carey a couple of years ago, it fell flat. At first, Carey seemed uncomfortable to speak on air, making for a lot of awkward moments. While that improved over time, his actual analysis often did not conform to the rulings made on the field, which fans caught on to quickly.

Sources tell the New York Daily News that Carey has been relieved of his duties at CBS, despite the network attempting to vehemently defend him during the playoffs this past season. The report from the NYDN says that CBS is not expected to go after another retired official unless somebody blows their socks off. They will either go without a rules analyst again, or they could try to strike a partnership with Dean Blandino, the league's current VP of officiating.