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New DBN feature: Facebook Live Q&A (Poll)

We want to hear your opinions!

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Hello, loyal DBN reader!

Hopefully you’re enjoying the summer and offseason as much as I am. I apologize for being a bit absent on DBN lately, as I’ve been busy with graduation and a new full-time job.

Anyways, I recently had a great idea for a new feature at Dawgs By Nature. As with any new idea, it's always a good idea to solicit input and take that into account.

After testing out Facebook Live during the draft and fan fest, we have decided to conduct a weekly question and answer session on Facebook Live. I've been mulling the idea for a while now and thinking about how I want it to look.

For the anti-technology folks among us, Facebook Live is a live video feed hosted on Facebook. When a page you like goes "live," you receive a notification in your inbox. You can ask questions via the comments section of the post, which the person doing the video can see. You do not need to have a Facebook account to simply view it. Here's an example of a previous one I did during FanFest. (Shameless plug, like us on Facebook.)

So, here's how I imagine it working:

1. I post an article in the morning of the Q&A session soliciting questions from DBN readers.
2. I conduct the Q&A at the chosen day at time.
3. I post the video on DBN via a new post or an updated version of the first one.

Before I start conducting these Q&A sessions, here's my question for you: How does this format sound to you? Do you like the idea of posting questions in the comments section? Do you have any ideas for a better format?

I also want to know this: What day of the week is best for this feature? I have to limit the options to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights due to my job, but which of those is best? Are you clear on how Facebook Live works?

I want to hear your opinions -- in the comments section and the poll below. Let me know what you think would work best and what would be most convenient for you.

I want to make a Facebook Live session a weekly, interactive feature on DBN, and I can't do it without you. So fire away!