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Michael Lombardi reportedly leaving role with the Patriots

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, former Cleveland Browns general manager Michael Lombardi is leaving the New England Patriots. If you recall, after Lombardi was fired by the Browns in early 2014, he quickly rejoined long-time buddy Bill Belichick to be an assistant to the coaching staff in New England.

Lombardi's departure in New England doesn't seem to be a result of poor performance. In fact, he was credited with recruiting key talent to the Patriots from Cleveland, including OLB Jabaal Sheard and RB Dion Lewis. Sheard was a starter and Lewis was electric for the team last year until he suffered a season-ending injury.

According to Reiss, Lombardi's departure "could mean that considering a return to the media where his longtime friend, Bill Simmons, is starting a new venture at HBO, sources said." Lombardi previously worked in media as part of the National Football Post and the NFL Network. If he is part of the media, I'm sure there are plenty of interesting stories he can tell about New England and Cleveland...although I think he's basically been talking about Cleveland already through the likes of Jim Nantz and Jason La Canfora.