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NFL Pro Bowl going back to AFC-NFC format; Orlando confirmed as location

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

A week and a half ago, we noted that the NFL Pro Bowl was reportedly headed to Orlando for this upcoming season. This week, the NFL confirmed that they've reached a multi-year agreement to have the Pro Bowl hosted in Orlando. As far as changes go, one major one was announced: they are abandoning the "fantasy-style draft" for Pro Bowl rosters and going back to an AFC-NFC match-up.

Although the fantasy draft sounded moderately fun at first, I grew tired of it (which says something given that the Pro Bowl any time is tiring). There is no way a fan can memorize who is on what roster, so if one were to casually tune in to the game, you wouldn't know who to look for on which team.

No actual rule changes were announced, but those type of things could come later in the year. Commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to spice up the activities for those in attendance during the week, with practices being "held alongside youth football competitions, activities and fan events at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort." High school coaches will also receive recognition, and the annual USA Football National Conference will take place leading up to the Pro Bowl.

As for Hawaii, there isn't much hope about NFL action returning there in the near future, although the idea is being floated out that the state could host a preseason game. I don't see that materializing, but you never know.