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The infamous Cleveland Browns QB jersey is no more — retired after Cavaliers’ Championship


After the Cavaliers ended the city’s 52-year title drought Sunday night, Cleveland is finished wallowing in self pity. It’s a new day in Cleveland, and with that comes the retirement of the infamous Browns quarterback jersey in Downtown Cleveland.

Tim Brokaw, who owns the ad agency Brokaw in which the jersey has been on display, revealed the “clean slate” on Twitter, showing all of the names covered up now and the original “Couch” sticthing taped over with the word “Cleveland.”

In an email statement to ESPN, Brokaw said, “After last night's historic performance, we realized all negative energy and bad juju should be eliminated from The Land.” He added that "the dark cloud has been lifted."

I made the case last season that Josh McCown’s record-breaking performances over a stretch of the season, coupled with him trying to gut his way through injuries, warranted the suspension of the jersey. I’m glad to see it officially retired, because as I said in the opening paragraph, we are finished wallowing in self pity. Yes, I know that basketball and football are two completely different sports, but I also believe the Cavaliers’ win will resonate across all Cleveland sports for a long time to come.