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Color rush update: Browns likely to wear all-orange vs. Ravens in Week 10


In mid-April, we discussed the first “color rush leak,” which is the NFL’s push to have all teams wear the same jersey-pants-color-combination for Thursday games this year.

Although that initial spec sheet showed the Browns with all-orange, the Ravens’ color was not revealed. Also, there had already been some changes (i.e. the leak showed Pittsburgh going gold, but they confirmed they had decided on black). Comments by Steelers owner Art Rooney hinted that the home team would have their choice of a color and the other team would probably wear all-white to avoid color blindness issues for fans. I assumed Baltimore would go all-black, forcing Cleveland to go all-white.

In a new leak posted recently, though, it looks like the Ravens are going all-purple while Cleveland is indeed going all-orange:

If the spec sheet holds true, it’ll probably be the first time that the Browns will have worn their all-orange uniforms during a game. Does the all-orange vs. all-purple seem like a good mix, or do you think your eyes are going to be bleeding?