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Vote for which classic Browns game the NFL should put on YouTube

Thurman Thomas

For the first time ever, the NFL is going to upload some of the greatest games in league history to their YouTube channel. They have a website up right now that links to polls for each of the 32 teams in the NFL. Five games are listed in each poll, and presumably, the game that receives the highest number of votes will be available to watch on YouTube.

I encourage you to go to the Browns’ poll now and vote. Listed below is the list of the games you can choose from, followed by my own commentary:

  • 1989 AFC Divisional Playoff: Browns goal line stand to win
  • 2002 Week 17 vs. Falcons: Green's big game for playoffs
  • 1986 AFC Divisional Playoff: OTx2 win to reach AFC Championship
  • 1980 Week 7 vs. Packers: Dave Logan late game TD
  • 2014 Week 5 vs. Titans: Greatest comeback in team history

I was born in 1989, so only three of these games happened in my lifetime. I would’ve been about 6-7 months old during the 1989 goal line stand in the playoffs against the Bills, so that one doesn’t really count as me having lived through it.

The 2014 comeback against the Titans was remarkable from a statistical perspective, but that would be the last game I’d like to see again. It was against a bad team early in the season; if it had come late in the season to clinch the playoffs, then I’d give it more weight.

The 2002 win over the Falcons had the type of impact that the 2014 win didn’t have, as it helped pave the way to the team’s only playoff appearance in the post-1999 era. The Browns needed help in the Packers-Jets game to follow, and they got it.

The 1986 game has a lot of significance when I read about the circumstances — it was the Browns’ first playoff win in 17 years, and it came in double overtime after the team had rallied to get back in it.

For those who lived through all the games, which one would you vote for? Also, feel free to discuss some of your memories of each game.