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Update on Michael Lombardi's exit from the Patriots

This is an update to a previous story on former Cleveland Browns GM Michael Lombardi. Previously, it was believed that he was voluntarily leaving his assistant position with the New England Patriots so that he could pursue a job in media again. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe is hearing otherwise, though. Here is what Volin says he's heard, per an unnamed source:

  • Lombardi wanted to stay in the role he had, but the team chose to not renew his contract.
  • It sounds like the New England organization didn't mind getting Lombardi for practically free, but weren't interested in shelling out a new deal.
    "The Patriots were happy to have Lombardi the past two years, because most of his salary was still being paid by the Browns, who fired him as general manager in February 2014 after just one year. But now that Lombardi’s contract has expired, the Patriots opted not to renew it and let Lombardi pursue opportunities elsewhere."
  • Many have given assumed credit to Lombardi for bringing former Cleveland players like Jabaal Sheard and Dion Lewis to New England. However, Volin says that those claims "were a bit overstated" and that Lombardi "was previously against extending Sheard in Cleveland and had mixed opinions of Lewis."