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ESPN looks at one team-friendly and one player-friendly contract for the Browns

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past two days, ESPN has looked at the most team-friendly contracts and the most player-friendly contracts for all 32 teams in the NFL. For the Cleveland Browns, the team-friendly one features the same player and reasoning that PFF recently used for LT Joe Thomas, so forgive the repetitiveness in that category.

Team-Friendly Contract - LT Joe Thomas - Thomas has earned nearly $100 million in his career, but he is a bargain at this stage. The potential future Hall of Famer will earn about $10 million a year over the next three seasons, and if his play were to decline suddenly, the Browns could escape his contract without incurring meaningful cap damage.

Player-Friendly Contract - CB Joe Haden - Haden is coming off an injury-shortened season and he recently underwent ankle surgery. But with his $10.1 million salary for 2016 guaranteed, Haden will have earned more than $40 million in the first three years of his five-year, $67.5 million extension.

Even though Dwayne Bowe has been cut already, they still should've listed his player-friendly contract from a year ago as an honorable mention.

Haden is definitely quite secure financially for having an awful year in 2015 and a couple of other injury hiccups in his career, but it's not an extension I regret the team having made at the time. If you use that same hesitant logic with everybody, then you'll never have the chance to get someone like a Joe Thomas on a "team-friendly contract" if they continue to perform well. Also, by the team not doing player-friendly deals a year in advance for the likes of Mitchell Schwartz and Tashaun Gipson, they instead watched them walk in free agency.