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Jim Brown to be sounding board for Hue Jackson; talks about Josh Gordon

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

After Mike Holmgren damaged the organization's relationship with Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, new owner Jimmy Haslam has been working on repairing that relationship since he brought him on as an advisor in 2013. The extent of his role is expanding with the hiring of head coach Hue Jackson, though.

Back in February, Jackson said he was looking forward to talking to Brown and "planned to lean heavily on his advice." During the team's charity golf outing this past week, Haslam confirmed that Brown's involvement with the club has "grown significantly."

"You have to have a coach who's secure enough to have an NFL legend around and feel good about it. We have that in Hue Jackson. Jim and Hue have formed a good, close bond. Jim will be around much more and in a much more significant way helping our players be not just better players but better men."

At the golf outing, Brown also told the Plain Dealer that he feels respected and involved, and is appreciative of how Jackson has made all of the alumni feel welcome.

Brown took the time to talk about conversations he's had with suspended WR Josh Gordon, revealing that the troubled-receiver has had some form of stint in rehab:

"I've talked with Josh twice on the phone, and the last time I talked with him he sounded very motivated and I think he was in rehab and feeling good about it and discovering some things about himself. He really seemed ready to take responsibility for himself.''

At this point, I don't think anybody has a reason to buy what Gordon is selling. Perhaps the more noteworthy news is that if Gordon gets re-instated, Brown believes that Jackson and Haslam would welcome him back as opposed to shipping him away. Gordon can re-apply for reinstatement to the NFL on August 1, and then he'll be at the mercy of Commissioner Roger Goodell again with respect to when a decision is made.