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Justin Gilbert needs to improve confidence, says the man who drafted him

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you could probably care less as to what Ray Farmer has to say about the Cleveland Browns, but at this time of year, we're going to squeeze the lemon for every droplet of news we can get for you!

After covering what he said on Monday during NFL Insiders on ESPN about quarterbacks (Manziel story here and McCown story here), he wrapped up his appearance by talking about two other topics: organizations rebuilding after a regime change, and what he thinks about CB Justin Gilbert. Let's start with the rebuilding part, where he was asked to respond to the statement, "A lot of the guys you brought in are now elsewhere."

Ray Farmer: "That's a part of the puzzle. Any time you have change, change trickles down to all levels. Everybody experiences it, from guys on the training room to guys on the team to guys in the front office. They all change addresses."

While it's true for most of the puzzle, the "lead guy" or person you'd think of as the "GM" has actually stayed on via promotion during the last two regime changes. When Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi were canned, Farmer was promoted from within. When Farmer was canned, Sashi Brown was promoted to the position of Executive VP of Football Operations. There was more change than stability, though, between the different regimes.

Here is what Farmer said about Gilbert:

Ray Farmer: "He needs to be confident and consistent within himself. Justin has some avatar-type skills. I've talked about avatars before in the sense that this young man has physical gifts. He's 6-foot tall, he runs real fast, he can change direction. He's got to remain confident. Confidence is a big part of playing that position. If he doesn't have it, he won't play well."

Unless I am completely misinterpreting what he said, I believe he said "avatar-type skills" and that it's something he's talked about before. I've listened through a ton of Farmer press conferences and I don't ever remember him using that word.

Farmer will also be a guest on NFL Insiders on Tuesday, so we'll relay if he has any more Browns-related nuggets to share.