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NFL announces the 3 Cleveland Browns classic games to be featured on YouTube

Cleveland Browns v San Diego Chargers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Last week, we talked about 5 potential classic games that the NFL was putting up for a vote for each team in the NFL. The top vote-getters would be featured on the league’s YouTube channel.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that the games with the three highest votes for each team will be available on YouTube starting in August. Here were the three games that Browns fans voted to see:

37% - 1986 AFC Division Playoff -- Browns vs. Jets -
Double OT win vs Jets to reach AFC Championship Game.

30% - 2014 Week #5 -- Browns vs. Titans -
Greatest comeback in team history 29-28 victory.

15% - 1989 AFC Division Playoff -- Browns vs. Bills -
Browns goal line stand to win 34-30.

It was a little surprising to see the Browns’ Week 5 game in 2014 make the list, considering how recently it took place. Heck, I can still see the game on my NFL Game Rewind package. It was historic, though, and maybe some fans would prefer to watch players they are recently familiar with as opposed to games from about 30 years ago.

Here is how our poll on DBN turned out: