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Browns have 3rd shortest, lightest roster in NFL

The Browns are the weaklings of the NFL.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are lightweights in more ways than one, apparently.

According to our friends at Bleeding Green Nation (SB Nation’s Eagles affiliate), the Browns have the third shortest and the third lightest in the NFL.

Judging by the Browns’ 3-13 record in 2015, perhaps it should not come as a surprise.

According to the statistics, the Browns have an average height of 73.69 inches, or about 6’1”. The average Brown still weighs in at a hefty 242.04 pounds.

We can’t jump to the conclusions and call the Browns short and weak, though. Comparatively, perhaps, the Browns have a smaller roster, but difference between the tallest team and the shortest is just 0.78 inches. Similarly, the difference between the heaviest roster and the lightest is just 8.05 pounds. That’s how much I gain after eating each item off the value menu from Taco Bell on a Friday night.

The more interesting note to point out is the consistency from last year. Before the 2015 season, the Browns were the second shortest and the third lightest team in the league.

You might say the Browns’ lack of size causes the team to lose. That’s not necessarily the case. Statistically, it’s tough to prove causation, especially since the Broncos had the sixth shortest squad and managed to win the Super Bowl. At the same time, the Browns’ roster size definitely has some impact on wins and losses, though not more than one or two, at least in my estimation.

Whatever the cause and effect, it’s cool to look at roster size. Hopefully Bleeding Green Nation will do this again after final cuts are made.