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Fan perception: what we learned about the Browns' inside linebackers heading into training camp

Here is a summary of each of our training camp preview polls for the Cleveland Browns’ outside linebackers:


This poll wasn’t exclusive to inside linebackers, but I didn’t feel like I had a good pulse on which position on defense fans perceived as the weakest. I thought inside linebacker might be neck-and-neck with the safety position, but I was wrong. Also, I presume that the “other” spot is for defensive end after the recent injury to Desmond Bryant, something I also didn’t see being voted on as heavily as it was. [Read Part 1 of the ILB Preview]


There were a lot of choices with this one, so let’s break the percentages down by individual players:

  • 96% of fans think Scooby Wright will make the roster.
  • 55% of fans think Dominique Alexander will make the roster.
  • 35% of fans think Tank Carder will make the roster.
  • 14% of fans think Justin Tuggle will make the roster.

I know the preview on Alexander was optimistic, but I’m surprised to see him get so much support over Carder. Despite being a 7th-round pick, almost everyone is still on board with Scooby. [Read Part 2 of the ILB Preview]