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Fan perception: what we learned about the Browns' special teams units heading into training camp

Here is a summary of each of our training camp preview polls for the Cleveland Browns’ outside linebackers:


I thought Patrick Murray would get a decent amount of support, due to how important the threat of 50+ yard field goals is. However, I didn’t expect him to not only beat Travis Coons, but do so with 61% of the votes. I’ve obsessed with Coons’ low trajectory on kicks, but if Chris Tabor feels last year’s issues were more related to poor protection up front, then Coons still does have the leg to hit those long kicks. [Read Part 1 of the ST Preview]


63% of fans said they do not want Corey Coleman to be the Browns’ punt returner this year. Presumably, they don’t want their 1st-round pick to be subjected to an injury in a less-important punt return role. [Read Part 2 of the ST Preview]