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Fan perception: what we learned about the Browns' cornerbacks heading into training camp

Here is a summary of each of our training camp preview polls for the Cleveland Browns’ cornerbacks:


There wasn’t as much drama with this poll as I had expected. Even though I made Justin Gilbert’s roster odds a coin flip, 73% of fans believe he will make the roster for Week 1. [Read Part 1 of the CB Preview]


Here is the juicy poll. There were four players in the poll — Jamar Taylor, Charles Gaines, Pierre Desir, and Trey Caldwell. The question was, “if you could only keep two of those players, who would you keep?” The most popular pairing was Desir and Caldwell at 41%, but let’s look at each person individual:

  • 31.25% picked Jamar Taylor as one of their two choices
  • 30.56% picked Charles Gaines as one of their two choices
  • 63.40% picked Pierre Desir as one of their two choices
  • 74.77% picked Trey Caldwell as one of their two choices

I was surprised to see Gaines have less support than Taylor. Also, if Gaines and Caldwell are indeed both competing for a nickelback spot and one of them had to go, more fans prefer that Gaines be the odd guy out because the love for Desir is still quite strong. [Read Part 2 of the CB Preview]


Let’s match the poll to the actual players now — of the three players, the one preferred the most by fans is Tracy Howard (45%), followed by Mikell Everette (30%) and then Eric Patterson (24%). [Read Part 3 of the CB Preview]