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Fan perception: what we learned about the Browns' safeties heading into training camp

Here is a summary of each of our training camp preview polls for the Cleveland Browns’ safeties:


With 73% of the vote, fans want to see Jordan Poyer and Ibraheim Campbell as the team’s starting safeties. Breaking the votes down individually, here is the support each safety received:

  • 89.41% want Ibraheim Campbell to start
  • 82.35% want Jordan Poyer to start
  • 18.66% want Rahim Moore to start
  • 9.58% want Derrick Kindred to start

[Read Part 1 of the S Preview]


Our final poll saw a relatively even split of support for Don Jones (39%), Tim Scott (34%), and Sean Baker (27%). [Read Part 2 of the S Preview]