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Fan Perception: What We Learned About the Browns' Defensive Line Heading Into Training Camp

NFL: Cleveland Browns-OTA Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a summary of each of our training camp preview polls for the Cleveland Browns’ defensive line:


With 41% of the vote, John Hughes is the player who fans think will start at defensive end opposite of Desmond Bryant in Week 1. A large percentage of fans (37%) also threw their support toward Carl Nassib. I don’t see Nassib being elevated that quickly, but then again, Hughes has never been a starter up until this point, so maybe the club will decide to just roll with the rookie. Xavier Cooper trailed in third place with 22% of the vote. [Read Part 1 of the DL Preview]


The poll above indicates that fans feel pretty secure about Jamie Meder’s roster spot, but a staggering 42% of fans would choose to cut Xavier Cooper of the three players listed. That is a much more significant value compared to Nile Lawrence-Stample’s 41% because Cooper was a 3rd-round pick last year and Lawrence-Stample is just an undrafted free agent this year. [Read Part 2 of the DL Preview]


This was as clear-cut of a poll as you could get, and fans prefer Kyle Rose (60%) over Dylan Wynn (40%). I’d guess the regime change played into that favoritism; if Mike Pettine were still hear, the vote might have swung in Wynn’s favor. [Read Part 3 of the DL Preview]