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Browns LT Joe Thomas has joined Twitter and is a delight to follow

Erik Drost on Flickr

Cleveland Browns LT Joe Thomas is well on his way to a Hall of Fame career, but has never taken to social media...that is, until Tuesday when he joined Twitter. You can see the subtle humor he brings, like when he hinted that Browns Communications Manager Dan Murphy forced him to send this one:

He also managed to throw in a moderate jab at Olympian Michael Phelps for being a Ravens fan:

Even though he doesn’t have the blue check mark, rest assured that this is definitely the real Joe Thomas. The team and multiple members of the media have already acknowledged it.

Leading up to this week’s game against the Packers, he unveiled the leaders in the clubhouse for the player(s) likely to score the most preseason touchdowns...

...and for the best dressed.

You could’ve even gotten Thomas to mail you a dollar bill, which might as well be holy.

So go on and make sure you give Thomas a follow @joethomas73!