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Browns' Offensive Snap Counts and Stats vs. Packers

Looking at the offensive snap counts in the Browns' 17-11 loss to the Packers.

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Below, we analyze the snap counts on offense for the Cleveland Browns' first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
QB Josh McCown 17
34% 1-of-4 (25.0%) for 4 yards. 1 carry, 2 yards.
QB Austin Davis 13
26% 4-of-9 (44.4%) for 32 yards. 2 carries, 9 yards.
QB Robert Griffin III 11
22% 4-of-8 (50.0%) for 67 yards, 1 INT. 1 carry, 0 yards.
QB Cody Kessler 9
18% 2-of-2 (100.0%) for 15 yards.

For as many plays that Josh McCown was in for, he didn't have many pass attempts. He did throw a touchdown pass to TE Connor Hamlett after a scramble, but it was waived off after it was ruled that he had crossed the line of scrimmage before making the pass. Robert Griffin III had a mixed-bag performance. It's good to see that he can still sling it downfield and it's good to see him get up after taking a few hits. However, his accuracy wasn't as sharp, and although the announcers criticized Gary Barnidge for the interception, I'm not so sure about that.

Austin Davis was the third quarterback in. On one hand, I can see why he'd be in, because maybe Cody Kessler isn't quite ready yet. However, I see no way that Davis makes this team over Kessler, so wouldn't it make more sense to give more work to Kessler? Unless they felt that Davis would be better and thus help them evaluate other players better for roster decisions. Kessler completed both of his pass attempts but showed some inexperience by being hit for two safeties.

Running Back

Pos Player Plays % Stats
RB Terrell Watson 22 44% 5 carries, 15 yards, 3.0 avg. 2 catches, 6 yards (2 targets).
RB Raheem Mostert 9 19% 5 carries, 43 yards, 8.6 avg. 0 catches (1 target).
RB Isaiah Crowell 8
16% 1 carry, -2 yards. 0 catches (1 target).
RB Glenn Winston 5
10% No stats registered.
RB Duke Johnson 5
10% 1 carry, 11 yards, 11.0 avg.
RB Malcolm Johnson 4
8% No stats registered.
RB Robert Hughes
6% No stats registered.
RB Rajion Neal
6% No stats registered.

Heading into the preseason, you get kind of excited to see a guy like Terrell Watson because of his size and supposed style of running. Once the preseason game starts, though, you remember, "oh, shoot, he's going to be in there with the third-team offensive line." I don't care how much power a guy has -- if the line is like crap at that point, the back can't do much. The story is a little different with Raheem Mostert, who can use his speed to get to the outside against lesser-tier defenders.

Wide Receiver

Pos Player Plays % Stats
WR Rannell Hall 29 58% 2 catches, 27 yards (4 targets).
WR Darius Jennings 22 44% 0 catches (1 target).
WR Marlon Moore 22 44% 1 catch, 4 yards (2 targets).
WR Terrelle Pryor 20 40% 2 catches, 57 yards (3 targets).
WR Taylor Gabriel 17 34% 0 catches (1 target).
WR Ricardo Louis 6
12% No stats registered.
WR Rashard Higgins 6
12% 1 catch, 10 yards (3 targets). 1 TD.
WR Jordan Payton 1
2% No stats registered.

Rannell Hall has been hyped a lot by Nathan Zegura of, and he saw the most playing time. He didn't seem to catch passes very crisply against the Packers, though, and left the game with an ankle injury. Marlon Moore couldn't haul in a hot-but-catchable pass. I found it surprising that Ricardo Louis, Rashard Higgins, and Jordan Payton were given so little playing time. What was the point of that? Terrelle Pryor continues to pass the test of not just being a receiver, but a starting receiver.

Tight End

Pos Player Plays % Stats
TE Connor Hamlett 31 62% No stats registered.
TE Gary Barnidge 11 22% 2 catches, 10 yards (4 targets).
TE Randall Telfer 10 20% No stats registered.
TE E.J. Bibbs 7
14% 1 catch, 5 yards (1 target).
TE J.P Holtz
2% No stats registered.

Gary Barnidge caught two passes, but there will be mixed opinions on who was at fault for the interception on the first drive. Connor Hamlett had a touchdown catch waived off. I didn't look much at how well these guys blocked on my first watch of the game, but I'll take a look at that upon review.

Offensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
OG Kaleb Johnson 39 78%
Garth Gerhart 33 66%
OT Alvin Bailey 33 66%
OT Austin Pasztor 28 56%
OT Shon Coleman 22 44%
OT Spencer Drango 20
OT Dan France 19
Joe Thomas 11
OG Joel Bitonio 11 22%
C Cameron Erving 11 22%
OG John Greco 11 22%
OG Cory Tucker 6
OT Erle Ladson 6
OT Mike Matthews

Browns quarterbacks were sacked four times and hit six times. Like with the tight ends, I'll have to watch the game again to see how individual linemen did. It's easier in the regular season to evaluate players because I know the right guard is always John Greco, for example. In the preseason, pre-snap and post-snap, I'll often have no idea who was playing what position on the line.


NOTE: The following changes were made to the NFL Gamebook a week later:

  • C Mike Matthews (from 0 snaps to 6 snaps)
  • RB Rajion Neal (from 0 snaps to 3 snaps)