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Browns injury updates: Robert Griffin III says he’ll be OK after spraining shoulder

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Browns’ 29-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, starting quarterback Robert Griffin III didn’t see a defender as he headed toward the sideline on a scramble, and he paid for it.

Griffin took a helmet right to his chest. He stayed in for the next throw, but his third down out route to WR Andrew Hawkins was way off, and he crouched to the ground afterward in pain before going to the sideline. Griffin did return to the game to hand the ball off three times before the final whistle blew.

After the game, the new Browns quarterback told reporters that he expects to be fine for next week’s home opener against the Baltimore Ravens.

A sprain to the left shoulder shouldn’t be too bad, beyond some discomfort. If it were to his right shoulder, then we might be talking about QB Josh McCown suiting up already. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, Griffin will undergo an MRI on Monday.

As far as other injuries go, S Derrick Kindred had to depart the game with an ankle injury. He did not return. CB Joe Haden tweaked his ankle during the game, but ended up returning right away.